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Posted 01/03/2022 in Category 1 by Dr Sara Gibbons

From Trauma To Triumph - an inspiring book about overcoming adversity

From Trauma To Triumph - an inspiring book about overcoming adversity

12 women got together to share their stories of going from the darkest depths to discovering their own strength and resilience in the face of traumatic life situations.

The result is this life-affirming book, ‘From Trauma To Triumph’  

This book tells the stories of how each of the women overcame various traumas and hardships in their lives, and how they were able to go from despair to thriving.

Like others who have written their stories in the book, I share how my trauma was my path to a freedom I didn't know I could have, and so became my greatest blessing.

By writing this book we hope that those who are similarly feeling trapped, alone and unworthy, can also discover their inner strength and freedom to live the life they desire and truly deserve.

So maybe treat yourself, or perhaps someone you know, and be inspired by a selection of powerful true stories of going from trauma to triumph and not looking back!

We all experience trauma sooner or later. It can be small, repeated events or life-changing in-your-face events. Sometimes it is visible and people can empathize, but so often it is hidden away and we feel all alone and overwhelmed.

The book ‘From Trauma To Triumph’ is your doorway to finding support, getting to know others who have been through the same experiences as you, and starting to use the tools and insights that moved our authors to new outlooks and abilities.

Not only do you get this book, but there is also a free worksheet provided, and 12 bonus in-depth conversations with the authors for you to get maximum benefit from what is being offered.

Currently on sale at only $0.99, making it a real bargain.



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