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The Crystal Revolution from Woo Woo to Wow

We are living in the most amazing times. Scientific and technological advances by the day, medical breakthroughs we could never have dreamt become true.  There has in the leafy suburbs and penthouse boardrooms been a quietly growing crystal revolution, an unprecedented surge in the glorious holistic and complementary therapies. ... → more

Vinayasa Yoga

I thought I would write about this particular practice of yoga, as it's the one I practice and have come to love on a regular basis. Believe me, for a fit lady who is used to rowing as a sport , Vinyasa certainly is getting me not only fitter but... → more


I love the description of chakras as energy hot spots. Like blood flowing through arteries and veins, energy also flows through certain pathways in the body called meridians.   Where these energy pathways cross there is a concentrated power and this area is called the Chakra or in the Indian... → more

The Three Steps of Crystal Healing

Many people ask me how crystals can help heal by giving a person a sense of wellbeing. My  own experiences of increased health and well being have lead me to writing this as I felt it important to get back to basics and to appreciate how amazing and magical... → more

Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga for Women in their 40s

If you are looking for a fun way to get fit and are fed up with the gym then you should really go for Yoga. I have been a very sporty and active lady and, as I get older, I know my joints aren't enjoying the high impact exercises... → more

Crystal Essences

I have always been more than a little curious on how exactly crystal essences work. Loving all things crystal, I purchased a bottle of essence to learn more about its effects. Please have a look at my review below. Crystal Essences are known as ‘vibrational’ or &lsquo... → more

A Brief History of Healing Crystals

In ancient mythology, Gods were depicted as wearing crystal breastplates. Goddesses wore necklaces with sparkling crystals. Ancient religious persons, sages and political leaders wore bejeweled amulets and plates. The Urim and Thummim stones used by Hebrew high priests exemplified the use of crystals. The Mayan culture decorated statues with crystals... → more

Crystal Healing for Osteoparosis

Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition often known as the ‘silent disease’ because it is only diagnosed when someone breaks a bone. In the UK there are approximately three million people suffering from Osteoporosis; the ‘silent disease’ causes more than 230,000 fractures happening every year. Despite being more... → more

Healing Crystals For Career Professionals

The world is getting more and more chaotic, and as individuals, we are leading increasingly busy lives. Young professionals are working harder to make their way up the career ladder, and more experienced people with families often have massive work commitments to attend to, along with the huge responsibility caring... → more

Crystals for Laughter

In all honesty, the whole basis of any type of crystal healing for mind, body, spirit or all three, is to help empower ourselves; its aim is to bring quality and balance back into our lives, to enjoy life in the here and now with love and definitely lots of... → more

Amethyst Against Stress and Anxiety - A Five Day Challenge

Before joining Crystalcups, I have always had a very cautious relationship with crystals. I love them of course, how could you not? They are aesthetically beautiful and look great in any rooms. I also owned a few but never really realised their tremendous healing properties. While doing some cleaning, I... → more

Crystals for Summer Holidays with Kids

Schools out for summer, the kids are jumping for joy at the prospect of a 6 week holiday. What about you? Does the very thought make your hair stand on end and your mouth go dry? Do you have the smelling salts on standby? So many parents feel stressed out during... → more