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What is Self-love? And How Can You Practise It?

Are you practising (and feeling the benefit of) self-love? And if not, are you even aware of what it really means, and how it can help enrich and give true meaning to your life? I've been  thinking about what ‘self-love’ really means, and how we can... → more

Addiction - Mental Expectations and Beliefs

Just what is the truth about addiction? Is it genetically coded into our DNA as suggested through research and if so, are we destined to become addicted to something, even before we can think for ourselves? Or, is addiction something that is environmentally driven? The question of “Is it... → more

Right Brain Learning

Many people learn well through their sense of sight. They can watch someone do something and then can duplicate the task with practice. Other people learn well through their sense of hearing, by listening to the instructions. Most people tend to learn best through a combination of their senses including... → more

Creating Positive Perceptions

Perceptions are based only on what our senses tell us. They aren't always accurate and most certainly can fool us. Independent of reality, perceptions are powerful, for they determine how we experience life. The placebo effect is a great example which demonstrates this amazing truth. From the beginning of... → more

Reiki For All Conditions “The Tuner”

THE MUSIC OF LIFE How do you expect the best musician to perform a master piece with the instrument out of tune? Millions of ‘notes’ (electrical pulses) per second have to be played in our body to perform its functions. Reiki works as a ‘tuner’ harmonising... → more

What is NLP and How Does it Work?

What is it? Once you start working with NLP and witnessing it's power and effectiveness on a daily basis with clients, you have to remind yourself that most people have no idea what it is, or if they do have some idea, they think of it in terms of... → more

The Power of Beliefs

When you hear the word belief what does it make you think of? Chances are it is religious beliefs. For millennia religious wars have raged because people are intolerant of others belief systems and want theirs to be the one true belief. Religion is still used today by some as... → more

It’s The Thought That Counts

'Never mind, it's the thought that counts!' We used to hear that as a commiseration, when something we tried in the world did not work out. No one took much comfort in that, but what if it is true? This is what I mean. We do not experience the... → more

Science & Energy

According to Dr. Emoto & his groundbreaking research on water, even water molecules are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings (see videos). Well, since our bodies are 70% water, just imagine the influence thoughts, words and feelings have on us! The highly-acclaimed documentary "What The Bleep Do We Know!?"... → more

Coaching for Life

I am a writer, speaker, stress buster, life coach, problem solver, people empowerer, laughter lover, dedicated saboteur disarmer, hypnotherapist, inspiration generator, insight seeker and genius finder! But it wasn’t always this way. There was a time in my life when I could have written a thesis on ‘101... → more

Meditation - A Way of Life

When the Dawn’s chorus begins to sing, and the sun wakes from its dreary sleep - What do you do? Most of us have a regular routine in the morning – Wake up and grab a coffee? What’s next? Breakfast? Facebook? Get the children ready for... → more

Moving Forward With Confidence

I remember reading a great book in college called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” written by Robert M. Pirsig. His philosophical interpretation of life's values included what he referred to as gumption traps. Gumption traps are mind traps that keep us from moving forward in... → more