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How to Connect to your Ancestors

In many cultures, honoring and connecting with the ancestors is an accepted and honored tradition. In my Irish heritage I often heard stories from my mother on how her parents and grandparents would talk and have long conversations with their loved ones who had already passed. It seemed normal to... → more

Why You Need Faith (And How to Get it)

Harnessed properly (and wisely), faith can be an incredibly powerful force, propelling us onto greater achievements and happiness. But it can also be frustratingly elusive. Faith can take many forms. It can mean placing your belief in a religion, a friend, a business venture, and even yourself. But greater than... → more

Remarkable Healing - Regression Therapy

Kabir Heminski In my opinion, one of the important goals for the spiritual seeker in this lifetime to get ourselves to a place in our lives where everything is possible and there is nothing to be afraid of i.e. a space where there is no doubt and we can... → more

Tarot Therapy

Like all esoteric subjects, that Tarot can be seen as a living thing, with an indomitable spirit that has continually evolved since its mysterious origins, a little like humanity itself. Esotericists agree that there is a life force or energy that pervades all things. For example, the Native Americans believe... → more

Crystals for Dreams by Bunmi Aboaba

I am so pleased to do this write up on healing crystals for dreams. It's a fascinating subject for all sorts of reasons. Healing crystals could alleviate nightmares, understand your dreams, create lucid dreaming or have a restful night’s sleep. There are crystals with notable energies to... → more

The Ultimate Soul Connection

After a lifetime of searching, I discovered that the really outstanding spiritual teachers have appeared on four legs, carrying a spark that only the spirit of the wild can own. These teachers work on a soul level where words are not necessary, because the communication comes from their soul....direct... → more

The Power of Beliefs

When you hear the word belief what does it make you think of? Chances are it is religious beliefs. For millennia religious wars have raged because people are intolerant of others belief systems and want theirs to be the one true belief. Religion is still used today by some as... → more

Living with Natural Rhythm

At this time of year many of us are longing for the burst of brilliance that is the first sign of spring. Yet reflecting on the bigger picture of our solar cycle, we may see that winter’s cold and dark is as natural as night following day. We... → more

Yoga Does It!

Whilst yoga is not a miracle medicine nor are yoga teachers doctors, the health benefits of regular yoga practice and the often misunderstood world of zen are recognised in both religious and medical fields. Whilst zen brings with it a stillness and clarity of the soul, the athleticism of yoga... → more

Energy Healing and Medium

If we consider the big picture of our development as a being, our overall development and education on this planet, it’s important we look at all aspects. Our evolvement must be balanced.  Like all things in life, balance is key. So we have to tend to all... → more

Time Is Our Friend

Time is our Teacher, Life is our Guru. In this brief article I what to share my thoughts on time. Not the philosophical concept or any scientific definitions e.g "The Two contrasting viewpoints on time divide many prominent philosophers. One view is that time is part of... → more

Healing with Crystals

Energy & Crystal Healing LIfe is a vibration: Every mineral, plant, animal or human has its’ own form of vibration. Matter is not static and immovable but a mass of moving particles of atoms and molecules, emitting their own radiations of light, heat and colours. All vibrations are constantly... → more