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What’s Your Operating System

Do you sometimes find life challenging? If so, maybe it’s time to explore your Operating System, and replace it with a more positive and empowering approach. It’s not something we often consider, but by default each and every one of us has an Operating System –... → more

Do You Use the F word? Forgiveness that is…

Over the past month or so it has been so interesting how the universe has been sending me a persistent and inescapable message that creating a spiritual practice needs to be my number one priority. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I... → more

What Are your Rules for Life?

I have spent the last couple of weeks in a permanent state of immense gratitude. Honestly, barely a moment has gone by that I haven’t had a quiet chat with the universe to declare just how blessed I feel to be living this life that I have chosen. ... → more

Lessons I’ve Learned From Saying Goodbye to My Mom

Here I stand ready to resume the day-to-day activities of my life after losing my mother on August 24th. I must share with you that at this moment I feel a little like a fish out of water. Almost like an outsider looking at the carousel of my life wondering... → more

Summer of Love by Bunmi Aboaba

Hallelujah! Summer is finally here and sets to grace us with its heady presence for a while. People are more open, warm and friendly so this is a perfect time for attracting your soul mate with the help of our crystal friends :-). First of all, it's important to... → more

The Ultimate Soul Connection

After a lifetime of searching, I discovered that the really outstanding spiritual teachers have appeared on four legs, carrying a spark that only the spirit of the wild can own. These teachers work on a soul level where words are not necessary, because the communication comes from their soul....direct... → more

The Power of Beliefs

When you hear the word belief what does it make you think of? Chances are it is religious beliefs. For millennia religious wars have raged because people are intolerant of others belief systems and want theirs to be the one true belief. Religion is still used today by some as... → more

Coaching for Life

I am a writer, speaker, stress buster, life coach, problem solver, people empowerer, laughter lover, dedicated saboteur disarmer, hypnotherapist, inspiration generator, insight seeker and genius finder! But it wasn’t always this way. There was a time in my life when I could have written a thesis on ‘101... → more

Tip of the Day

If you are having some issues with work colleagues, place a small bowl of Sardonyx on your desk which will help build relationships and promote good luck. It will encourage stability whilst absorbing any negative energy around you making your environment a happier place in which to work. → more

Moving Forward With Confidence

I remember reading a great book in college called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” written by Robert M. Pirsig. His philosophical interpretation of life's values included what he referred to as gumption traps. Gumption traps are mind traps that keep us from moving forward in... → more

Ego & Self-Awareness | How Fascinated About Yourself Are You?

How did you feel and what thoughts sparked off in your mind when you read that question? – ‘How fascinated about yourself are you?’ It is a question we may associate with arrogance and an egoic self-obsession of someone who’s predominately interested in themselves whilst expressing... → more

Using EFT to Learn The Language of Emotions

If someone asked you what’s the main way people communicate with each other the chances are you’d say talking. There is a lot of emphasis on learning the spoken word and of course it’s a very important aspect of human communication. However it may... → more