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Energy Healing and Medium

If we consider the big picture of our development as a being, our overall development and education on this planet, it’s important we look at all aspects. Our evolvement must be balanced.  Like all things in life, balance is key. So we have to tend to all... → more

Using EFT to Learn The Language of Emotions

If someone asked you what’s the main way people communicate with each other the chances are you’d say talking. There is a lot of emphasis on learning the spoken word and of course it’s a very important aspect of human communication. However it may... → more

Cinnamon: Warming Culinary Spice, and Helpful Herbal Medicine

For those of you who cook, you will know that cinnamon (Cinnamonum verum) is a fantastic addition to food which adds a distinctive and delicious aromatic flavour to recipes both sweet and savoury.  Coming from the inner bark of the stem of the cinnamon tree, cinnamon  comes in... → more

Christmas With Essential Oils

Handy hints, tips and recipes for working with essential oils Candles You can achieve a real sense of calm and wellbeing burning essential oil candles in your room. We sell candles on our website, or you can, of course, make your own. Burn an ordinary candle for a few minutes... → more

Cooking With Passion

I have been passionate about food since the word go. It all started as a little girl, when I was allowed to help the family to cook meals. By learning with the best (OK so I may be biased), I was able to know the difference between a good and... → more

Finding Time For The Garden

I woke the other Sunday to a rare sunny sky and the vegetable garden beckoned.  Well to be honest it had been calling me for some time but I admit to being a bit of a fair weather gardener so I hadn’t quite got there.  Since... → more

Chilling out in the kitchen

I still find cooking therapeutic and a great way to relax (which is a good thing, as being the Kitchen Fairy Godmother, I teach people to cook for a living) so these holidays I have been practicing what I preach by cooking with my two girls. They both love cooking... → more