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Crystal Essences

I have always been more than a little curious on how exactly crystal essences work. Loving all things crystal, I purchased a bottle of essence to learn more about its effects. Please have a look at my review below. Crystal Essences are known as ‘vibrational’ or &lsquo... → more

Healing Crystals for Self-esteem

We all find it hard to stay motivated at some point in our lives, and there are a number of personal, social and environmental factors that determine our ability to stay focused. Whether you struggle with motivation at the work place or at home, understanding the root cause of your... → more

Healing Crystals For Career Professionals

The world is getting more and more chaotic, and as individuals, we are leading increasingly busy lives. Young professionals are working harder to make their way up the career ladder, and more experienced people with families often have massive work commitments to attend to, along with the huge responsibility caring... → more

The Power of your Intention

What do you want from your life? Find out how by actively setting positive intentions, you can intuitively make decisions and take actions that will bring you closer to your goals. Thoughts become things Ever heard of the saying Thoughts become things? Our intentions are a powerful force, and... → more

Do What Lights You Up

What are your passions – the things you do that light you up and fill you with positive energy? Find out why spending time on these activities every week can help you make more intuitive decisions in your life. Do things that light you up There’s a big... → more

How To Make More Intuitive Decisions Part Two – Meditation

As busy working mums, our minds are often tied up with the demands and needs of others – leaving us struggling to know what is right for us. Find out how meditation can help to calm your mind and put you in touch with your real needs. Over the next... → more

How To Make More Intuitive Decisions Part One – Writing

Ever struggle to make decisions, or even know what is right for you any more? Find out how stream of consciousness journaling can help you to re-connect with your inner self and make more intuitive decisions. Being authentic and keeping in touch with your inner self – your spirit –... → more

Why You Need Faith

Harnessed properly (and wisely), faith can be an incredibly powerful force, propelling us onto greater achievements and happiness. But it can also be frustratingly elusive. Faith can take many forms. It can mean placing your belief in a religion, a friend, a business venture, and even yourself. But greater than... → more

The Ancestor’s Effect

Heard of the Ancestor Effect? How thinking of your ancestors improves your test scores! Recently as I sat with my father at an Alzheimer clinic, I decided to chat to him about this research on Ancestors. He was very interested and we talked for a long while about his parents... → more

What is Self-love? And How Can You Practise It?

Are you practising (and feeling the benefit of) self-love? And if not, are you even aware of what it really means, and how it can help enrich and give true meaning to your life? I've been  thinking about what ‘self-love’ really means, and how we can... → more

What are your Daring Desires?

It’s very easy to get stuck in a familiar, safe rut in life – and forget some of the big (and small) goals and desires we have. But what would happen if you dared to start acting on yours? It’s time for a daring change This... → more

What’s Your Operating System

Do you sometimes find life challenging? If so, maybe it’s time to explore your Operating System, and replace it with a more positive and empowering approach. It’s not something we often consider, but by default each and every one of us has an Operating System –... → more