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The Crystal Revolution from Woo Woo to Wow

We are living in the most amazing times. Scientific and technological advances by the day, medical breakthroughs we could never have dreamt become true.  There has in the leafy suburbs and penthouse boardrooms been a quietly growing crystal revolution, an unprecedented surge in the glorious holistic and complementary therapies. ... → more

Vinayasa Yoga

I thought I would write about this particular practice of yoga, as it's the one I practice and have come to love on a regular basis. Believe me, for a fit lady who is used to rowing as a sport , Vinyasa certainly is getting me not only fitter but... → more


I love the description of chakras as energy hot spots. Like blood flowing through arteries and veins, energy also flows through certain pathways in the body called meridians.   Where these energy pathways cross there is a concentrated power and this area is called the Chakra or in the Indian... → more

It’s Never Too Late to Meditate

In this busy hectic world of ours where everything seems to happen at warp speed ,I have come to believe mediation to be profoundly beneficial for health and wellbeing. I used to smirk when friends of mine who were into meditation would espouse it's advantages.  As a complete... → more

The Three Steps of Crystal Healing

Many people ask me how crystals can help heal by giving a person a sense of wellbeing. My  own experiences of increased health and well being have lead me to writing this as I felt it important to get back to basics and to appreciate how amazing and magical... → more

Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga for Women in their 40s

If you are looking for a fun way to get fit and are fed up with the gym then you should really go for Yoga. I have been a very sporty and active lady and, as I get older, I know my joints aren't enjoying the high impact exercises... → more

Crystal Essences

I have always been more than a little curious on how exactly crystal essences work. Loving all things crystal, I purchased a bottle of essence to learn more about its effects. Please have a look at my review below. Crystal Essences are known as ‘vibrational’ or &lsquo... → more

Massage Can Help Lower Back Pain

Most people associate massage with the occasional trip to a hotel spa on holiday, but there is far more to it than that according to Natasha Gladki, founder of Zen About Town, a new massage and reflexology practice serving Petersfield and the surrounding area. “The range of health benefits... → more

Natural Perfume Making

Perfume is a perfect marriage of spices, grasses, flowers, herbs and trees and from early man we have always loved rubbing smells onto our skin, it has been used in rituals, prayers, medicine, magic and mystery. We surround ourselves with the fragrances we love, how many of us can walk... → more

Holistic Reflexology and The Energy Field

When reflexology is combined with energy-healing, which is what happens at Soul touch. What actually happens is the therapist is working on the energy-field otherwise known as the aura.  We  actually have seven different bodies that need to be healed and they are housed within three different... → more

Discovering Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Hello! My name is Catherine, and I am an EFT Master Practitioner (UK).  I would like to take you on a voyage of discovery of this fairly recent Technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as Tapping. What is EFT you will ask, and HOW CAN IT HELP... → more

Healing Crystals for Self-esteem

We all find it hard to stay motivated at some point in our lives, and there are a number of personal, social and environmental factors that determine our ability to stay focused. Whether you struggle with motivation at the work place or at home, understanding the root cause of your... → more