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Natural Perfume Making

Perfume is a perfect marriage of spices, grasses, flowers, herbs and trees and from early man we have always loved rubbing smells onto our skin, it has been used in rituals, prayers, medicine, magic and mystery. We surround ourselves with the fragrances we love, how many of us can walk... → more

A Guide to Energy Healing

Energy - The Source Of All Life Traditional western medicine attempts to treat an illness or disease by combating the symptoms rather than the cause. However, we are more than mere physical matter; there is undoubtedly a non-physical counterpart as is the case with every aspect of our being. The... → more

A Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

The ‘Laborious’ Miracle – Pregnancy is the blossoming of a female into a woman. Giving birth can be a truly enriching experience; nothing quite compares to the feeling of carrying a life inside you and preparing to bring it into this world. However, the miracle of life does... → more

A Guide to Diet and Nutrition

The terms nutrition and diet always tend to come up in the same context. Although they are closely related to each other, there is a difference between the two; nutrition refers to the assimilation of food necessary for health, growth and replacement of tissues whereas diet refers to the kinds... → more

A Guide to Sports and Fitness

Playing sport and maintaining a good level of personal fitness is important for both physical and mental health. Research suggests that fit people live longer than their unfit counterparts, with fewer health problems, so being fit is almost like a natural anti-ageing pill! Fitness benefits The benefits of taking regular... → more

A Guide to Massage

Massage: get the rub down Whether you are looking to relieve tension, ease symptoms or improve your general wellbeing, massage can be an effective way of looking after yourself. The benefits of massage are far-reaching – from easing your muscles and benefiting your skeletal system, to improving your circulation and... → more

A Guide to Counselling & Coaching

We have produced a Guide to Counselling & Coaching to help de-mystify the two modalities and also show some real feedback from counsellors and coaches within our Q&A section. We have included some of the information below and you can view the full 36 page guide, which includes a... → more