Holistic Articles - Babies & Children

Crystals for Summer Holidays with Kids

Schools out for summer, the kids are jumping for joy at the prospect of a 6 week holiday. What about you? Does the very thought make your hair stand on end and your mouth go dry? Do you have the smelling salts on standby? So many parents feel stressed out during... → more

Why You Mustn’t Ban Your Child From Using Social Media

The summer holidays are over, the children are back at school and outdoor activities become less attractive once autumn arrives. Children still get to hang out though, if it's not over the park then it could be online. You'll find them hanging out together on xbox, Facebook, Twitter,... → more

Crystals for First Aid by Bunmi Aboaba

Summer holidays for many will mean sunshine, beaches and camping but for others will mean children and, sometimes, troubles. As a matter of fact, this is that time of the year when children get over-excited and boisterous and can be prone to accidents. Our first aid kit normally has the... → more

Crystals That Benefit Children by Bunmi Aboaba

I have become increasingly fascinated by the use of crystals that help children through various stages of development. Children are natural when it comes to choosing crystals or gemstones. The process of cleaning and energizing the stones (details on the crystal page of the website) could be very entertaining for... → more

Stressed at school?

Stress at school is an all-year-round problem for pupils and students. Children who get stressed at school often block their worries out during the summer holidays. Yet as soon as the first bell goes, their anxieties are back. Many parents don’t find out about their children’s... → more

How Fairies Heal Children

Angels are the gift from Spirit to guide and help humans in their journey on earth, when we open ourselves to their energy, we are reminded of that speck of Spirit inside us is our soul. Everything in nature has a spirit, or angel, and those looking after the plants... → more

Helping our Young People to Think for Themselves, and More.

In response to a blog about young people self harming despite their parents trying to do everything right, and questioning if there is too much stress with lots of homework and other things they have to do -another person wrote that young people these days seem to be given things... → more

Homeopathic Help For Back-to-School Bugs

Some worried parents are turning to homeopathy to help their children through back-to-school illnesses. Children commonly pick up bugs and some parents want to try to treat them naturally, rather than potentially over-use conventional medicines. Some parents are looking for alternatives to conventional drugs, as in the last few years... → more

4 C’s – Communication (including with Children), Curiosity (& Creativity), and Confidence

4 C's – Communication (including with Children), Curiosity (& Creativity), and Confidence (including being Comfortable with yourself and others & Calm in the world, plus making Choices Consciously).  Good COMMUNICATION pretty much underpins everything else in our lives, yet it’s an area us humans are still not... → more

Babies and Summer

Baby at the Beach Swimming, sandcastles, and sun are a definite recipe for fun!  In the summer the beach is the largest playroom baby could imagine.  Invite baby to crawl on a very large blanket and then on the soft sand.  She has the uncluttered expanse of... → more

“Verbal First Aid” by Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D. and Judith Acosta, LISW, CMT

The Review Part of growing up and learning to move inevitably involves falling down.  Unfortunately, sometimes this includes gaining a cut or breaking a bone.  Traumas such as physical injuries and emotional distress exist in baby's life from birth on.  Verbal First Aid teaches parents how... → more

“What’s Going On In There?” by Lise Eliot, Ph.D.

The Review While holding your blinking infant in your arms, watching your toddler run toward music, or observing your five-year-old remember some tiny detail from last Christmas, did you ever wonder how the infinitely complex brain, five senses, and memory of these little ones develop?  So did Lise Eliot,... → more