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“Hope with Eating Disorders” by Lynn Crilly

The Review A very good read and one I would highly recommend especially if you are a carer or close friend of someone with an eating disorder or even a former sufferer. What a minefield eating disorders are. So many different types - have you heard of all of these: ... → more

Think More Eat Less by Janet Thomson MSc

The Review Brilliant! If you're looking for another bog standard diet book telling you what food to deprive yourself of then this is not the book for you. If you're looking for long-term health and fitness and achieving the body and lifestyle you want (i.e. a sexy,... → more

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing

The Review

 Reconnective Healing practitioners have been waiting for the publication of these experiments for some time in a format which is accessible to the general public. How accessible this is to the lay person is debatable, as it’s really a collection of scientific papers, previously only available... → more

The 10 Questions to Ask for Success By Phil Parker

The Review This book is great. I’ve been doing a lot of work on self development over the past few years, including qualifying as an NLP Practitioner in September of 2011, so most of the content in the book I was aware of and some I had even already... → more