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Natural Perfume Making

Perfume is a perfect marriage of spices, grasses, flowers, herbs and trees and from early man we have always loved rubbing smells onto our skin, it has been used in rituals, prayers, medicine, magic and mystery. We surround ourselves with the fragrances we love, how many of us can walk... → more

Crystals for Christmas

Christmas for me has to involve crystals. Their energies really lend to the occasion and are uplifting and wonderful to have around. They can really intensify the energies of the festive spirit with their beauty and sparkle. Crystals make wonderful presents for Christmas. I often buy Crystals for friends and... → more

Why You Feel Pants When You Give Up Alcohol?

Ever wondered why you feel pants when you go on the wagon and give up alcohol?  ... it's not what you think.   Basically in anyone who enjoys a good drink on a regular basis, one of the yeasts in our gut thrives on the sugar in alcohol, so... → more

7 Skin Care Myths And What Should You Really be Putting On Your Skin?

The choices we have now as consumers is overwhelming and in my 22 years as a Beauty therapist and teaching skin care, everyone asks me what is the best product, what do you use? The line between professional products and products the consumer can now buy is closer than ever and... → more

Relaxation At Home Is Vital To Life

Sometimes, after a hard days work, a good nights sleep is all we crave, but it can be difficult to relax and wind down in preparation for the next day. Creating that relaxing environment may be what we need to set us up for a good nights sleep which will... → more

Two Vital Steps for Summer Skin

As I’m writing this on a sunny summer day, many of our clients are heading for the "beach body" or beauty needs of spray tans, manicures, pedicures and waxing – but it's easy to forget that this is also the time of year to... → more

Energy Clearing - Home and Business

Have you ever noticed how some spaces are filled with a sense of peace and calm, while others make you feel uneasy or sad, or anxious to leave?  Did you notice some houses just won't sell while others fly off the market? Do you wonder why some businesses... → more

How Can We Turn Procrastination into Motivation?

Occasionally you just simply don't want to do something, but you have to. Worse yet, you may feel that inertia just sucking the life out of you, making matters worse. And then you may cope with that unpleasant feeling by getting sidetracked with distracting procrastination activities -... → more

Crystals for Beauty 2 by Bunmi Aboaba

Crystals for healthy hair Did you know that people have been using crystal treatments for healthy hair for thousands of years? There are so many ways to use crystals for hair; from wearing crystals to rubbing the hair with gemstones, rinsing with elixirs, massaging the scalp with gemstones and keeping... → more

Crystals for Healing Skin by Bunmi Aboaba

All of us in one way or another aspire to have great skin. Skin is one of the largest excretory organs of the human body and its importance is not to be underestimated. I, as a teenager, suffered from bad skin. Acne was my nemesis and whatever I tried, despite... → more

Crystals for Weight Loss

I was chomping at the bit to write this article as it covers so many categories; and if you are anything like me, where weight flies on to the old hips in a blink of an eye and while back turned, then this is the article for you. With... → more

Crystals for First Aid by Bunmi Aboaba

Summer holidays for many will mean sunshine, beaches and camping but for others will mean children and, sometimes, troubles. As a matter of fact, this is that time of the year when children get over-excited and boisterous and can be prone to accidents. Our first aid kit normally has the... → more