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Massage - Proactive or Reactive

There are 2 aspects to massage. The proactive aspect where massage is used when your dog doesn't have any mobility issues and the reactive aspect where massage is used to address mobility issues resulting from old age, joint problems or accidents.  Massage is used proactively from puppyhood right through... → more

Canine Arthritis

The word arthritis comes from the Greek – arthro meaning joint and itis meaning inflammation. Studies show up to 20% of dogs over 6 years of age have arthritis. This means over 1 million dogs in the UK have arthritis. Arthritis in dogs is a progressive disease – i.e. it gets worse... → more

10 Ways To Improve Life For Your Arthritic Dog

Yes dogs get arthritis too, in fact it is estimated that 60% of dogs over the age of 6 have some degree of arthritis. Here are 10 ways to make life easier for them. Give your dog a soft bed. Memory foam mats are particularly good for dogs with arthritis as they are... → more

Which Dogs Can Benefit from Massage?

Almost all dogs can benefit from a massage treatment. Most of the dogs I see are simply pets but some have also been involved in activities such as agility or obedience work or attend shows or are worked. Dogs are just like people in that their everyday life can have... → more

How Do I Know If My Dog Is In Pain?

I see a number of dogs with conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, where the owners say their dogs are very stiff when rising from lying -  particularly first thing in the morning, or they limp when they’ve been for a walk but they say... → more

The Ultimate Soul Connection

After a lifetime of searching, I discovered that the really outstanding spiritual teachers have appeared on four legs, carrying a spark that only the spirit of the wild can own. These teachers work on a soul level where words are not necessary, because the communication comes from their soul....direct... → more

It’s A Dog’s Life!

A colleague of mine's guide dog was recently attacked by another dog... it turns out out the attacking dog was a rescue dog. I understand that there have been press articles about aggression in such dogs. As a Bach Flower remedy therapist I'd say that we don't... → more

Why Horses Love Polos ...

Ever wondered why horses love polos?... they contain peppermint oils. Peppermint is known to be very good for digestion, and if you're feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating, peppermint tea is the perfect way to overcome this. The same rationale applies .. horses are drawn to peppermint oils to help... → more

What is Canine Massage?

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body and is beneficial to dogs in many ways. It helps loosen muscles and tendons and realign muscle fibres which aids recovery from strains and sprains and can also be used to free scar tissue from old injuries. It stimulates... → more

My Time with Teddy

I work for a mental health organisation supporting people to recover from mental illness and rejoin society and recently got one of my service users booked on to regular sessions at the epona partnership. Throughout the time I spent arranging this, I myself became increasingly curious about the work they... → more

A Helping Paw

It’s something that we all have in common. Everybody at some point in their lives has encountered or interacted with animals on some level – whether that was crossing paths with a ladybird, seeing a neighbour out walking their dog or owning our own mini menagerie. I myself,... → more

Essential Oils and Animals

Stress is one of the main causes of health and behavioural problems in animals and Essential Oils are an ideal holistic way to reduce this stress as animals respond very well to them. Essential oils are highly volatile, which means they evaporate and disperse as soon as they are exposed... → more