Holistic Articles

Crystals for Christmas

Christmas for me has to involve crystals. Their energies really lend to the occasion and are uplifting and wonderful to have around. They can really intensify the energies of the festive spirit with their beauty and sparkle. Crystals make wonderful presents for Christmas. I often buy Crystals for friends and... → more

HIstory of Crystals and Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used across the globe in many cultures for many different reasons for thousands of years! It has been found that the use of crystals date back to prehistoric times. The Solar Temple in Newgrange, Ireland dates older than the pyramids and is said to originally have a... → more

Crystal Healing for Improving the Chance of Conception

The very concept that healing crystals and crystal therapies are intimately connected to your wellbeing might seem far-fetched, but holistic therapies have a deep history and have been linked with pregnancy and conception. Healing crystals are said to absorb and emit energy, including other intangible forces that surround us in... → more

Crystal Pendants and other Common Crystals Misconceptions

You’re in a dark room lit only by candles. There’s a woman, she doesn’t look happy to see you but she lets you in anyway. She clearly needs the money. Nothing looks inviting nor the spider in the corner or the dusty books. You... → more

Improving Fertility with Healing Crystals

Crystals and gemstones have many different qualities, and here at Crystalcups we're always trying to communicate these benefits to a wider audience. Crystals can benefit health, moods, and general well-being by promoting positive energy. The crystals that are used in Crystalcups lingerie also have qualities that are beneficial for... → more

How Crystals Can Benefit You

Crystals used for healing or wellbeing purposes can been traced back to Ancient Egyptian times, along with notable mentions in traditional Chinese medicine and India's Ayurvedic records. Crystals assist in releasing and clearing negative energy and promoting energy healing. Crystals are found in all shapes, sizes, colours and compositions.... → more

The Power of your Intention

What do you want from your life? Find out how by actively setting positive intentions, you can intuitively make decisions and take actions that will bring you closer to your goals. Thoughts become things Ever heard of the saying Thoughts become things? Our intentions are a powerful force, and... → more

Clearing the ‘Brain Fog’ with Mindfulness

Having enjoyed such a wonderful extended summer, October now brings the typical autumnal mornings mist and fog. And what I reference as ‘brain fog’ is not to be confused with ‘brain freeze’ - the oddly pleasurable experience of eating ice cream too quickly! As much as... → more

Massage - Proactive or Reactive

There are 2 aspects to massage. The proactive aspect where massage is used when your dog doesn't have any mobility issues and the reactive aspect where massage is used to address mobility issues resulting from old age, joint problems or accidents.  Massage is used proactively from puppyhood right through... → more

Crystals That Evoke Energy

Ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Egyptian and Greek cultures embraced crystals for their metaphysical and physical benefits to mind, body and spirit. The popularity of crystals is now being embraced by many Western cultures. Increasingly, modern professionals are embracing the positive nature of healing crystals, proving that holistic therapy isn't just... → more

Charoite - The Crystal of Courage

The Charoite crystal is relatively new on the gem scene as it arrived in the West during the late 1970’s. Charoite takes its name from the Chara River in Siberia where is originates and is sourced to this day. This stone is a beautiful pale purple colour with shots... → more

Crystals Drop The Alternative Label

While crystals used for wellbeing purposes can seem a tad ‘alternative’ for some this age-old holistic therapy is now moving into a more mainstream arena. So much so that those in the spotlight have confessed to indulge in crystals by either wearing them or placing them around their... → more