6 Ways To Love Yourself While Quitting Drinking

6 Ways To Love Yourself While Quitting Drinking

Often a bad habit can sneak up on us slowly. Unconsciously something that we would do innocently to help ease a little of the daily grind can suddenly become somewhat more concerning .What are we talking about here?

Well, waking up one day and finding that we have had a drink every night of the week, then not being able to remember back to a time over the past few months when this wasn’t the case? Sadly this is something we hear frequently.


Well, alcohol is readily available, socially acceptable and yet can be addictive with some serious consequences to our health and lifestyle.

So, with all this in mind we have put together seven simple steps to implement self- care as you quit drinking.

These are in no particular order and a starting point for you to consider.

1. Search for and seek out a friend/ colleague or of course a sober coach who will support you in your decision to quit. We become like the people we surround ourselves with so remember to stay around positive, enthusiastic people who are living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Having enough sleep, eating a good diet and reducing your decision making are some key ingredients to a self -care program How can you begin to implement these? There are some fantastic free resources for ideas on eating healthy, we have the world at our fingertips and there are hundreds of blogs, articles and info to help you.

3. Make a date with a mate to do something different, a mountain bike ride, a walk in the woods, perhaps a trip to the coast and hire some paddle boards, do something different. We need to re-wire patterns of behavior and making new and fresh experiences is a great way to do this.

4. Home care rituals are also a great start. If you have a bath making your bathroom a special place to cocoon and cleanse ourselves of the daily stress is really rewarding. Including aromatherapy to your bath is helpful and there are so many fantastic essential oils which are appealing to both men and women, it is all about playing with what you find uplifting or relaxing.

5. What else can help in removing the desire to drink?  

Journaling your thoughts, emotions and taking inventory of where your life is at currently will help you see things from a new perspective. Get it out of your head and down on paper.


This is where it will help if you have found someone you can talk things over with afterward. Again, as best as possible make this a pleasurable experience, maybe buy a nice journal, create a specific time of day that you will write and make time for this. Getting to the bottom of Why you have been drinking so much will help you stop and make healthier choices in the future.

6. You are not alone ….not by a mile. Thousands of people are recognizing that they would like to reduce or quit their alcohol intake so this means there are some great resources out there and lots of people to follow. Below are some of our favourites for you to explore:


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