6 Top Tips For A Healthy Winter Glow

6 Top Tips For A Healthy Winter Glow

Winter can play havoc on our skin.

As if the wind and the cold was not enough for our skin to deal with we then turn the heating up indoors which can have a drying effect.

The Holistic Journal have worked with one of our key beauty experts Caroline Lyons from the Natural beauty range Ollogii  to create a list of simple tips to help minimize the damage.

Tip 1

Hydration, first things first and the most simple on our tip list, Drink more!  Our bodies are made up of around 50% water and if you only do one thing, this would be the one.  Water is one of our bodies foundation building blocks, it is needed for our cells to function.  If you are not a water drinker the easiest thing to start doing is before going to your regular drink for eg Tea or Coffee then have yourself a small glass of water beforehand and you may even find you don’t need the tea after all.  Install one of the many water apps available on your phone to help remind your or set a reminder alarm.  If you like a visual reminder there are some great drink reminder bottles out there I particularly like this one available from Amazon

Tip 2

Up your Omega 3s, they help the skin to absorb and retain water so a deficiency will leave your skin dehydrated.  Find Omega 3 in Salmon, Mackeral, Sardines or if you don’t eat fish is also found in Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds Walnuts, sprinkle these onto your breakfasts or salads.

Tip 3

Start using a Facial Oil, if your skin is craving moisture another easy way to up this is by adding oil to your skincare regime.  Oils are perfect to use at night as this is when the skin does most of its repair work, so find one high in Antioxidants and you will help rejuvenate tired dehydrated looking skin.  There are several ways to introduce these into your life, if you are nervous of them start by adding 1 or 2 drops to your existing face cream, or if you have used them in the past either layer under your cream or miss the cream out all together!  (cutting back on products too)

Tip 4

Watch out for those “Parfums” and “Fragrances” hidden in your cosmetics, these ingredients can be up to 500 undisclosed ingredients and many of them will have a drying affect on your skin.

Tip 5

By exfoliating you are removing dead skin cells and you will instantly look rejuvenated.  This is a real must, you will unclog pores and increase circulation which in turn will help your beauty products penetrate into the skin better, so do remember to put a good natural moisturiser or facial oil on after.

Tip 6

Lips don’t forget to moisturise them, keep a lip balm handy to keep them hydrated throughout the day and prevent them from chapping.

All Natural Bounty Lip Balm

If you are anything like me, I just love the combo of chocolate and coconut this simple lip balm will make you think of the Caribbean warmth for sure.

natural lip balm recipe - the holistic journal blog


I tablespoon Coconut Oil

I tablespoon Cocoa Butter drops

I tablespoon of Beeswax


Equipment needed:

Containers for lip balms, I like to use tins (fully recyclable after use)

Double Boiler set up or Heat Protective Jug such as Pyrex



Measure ingredients into your jug and melt over double boiler (saucepan if using heat protected jug), once melted give a good stir to ensure all ingredients are well mixed and then pour into lip balm containers and allow to cool.

Your lip balm is now ready to use and enjoy!


Caroline Lyons is a Natural Skincare Formulator, her latest brand has lots of new products coming soon.


Having a handy "go to' list of 6 simple beauty tips can be all you need to get you through. Not long now ladies, hang in there as Spring is on it's way.



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