Sophie Jewry

Managing Director & Founder of The Holistic Directory
Tel: 01603 381011

A mini interview with Sophie:

So why start The Holistic Directory?

A great question! If you have a holistic business then I'm sure you've found a few different therapy based websites out there and I did too but I was left wanting after looking around most of them. Don't get me wrong, each website has its place and value but I was looking to do something different. Having had experience with another online directory for three years I knew what I liked and disliked about how directories work and felt there was a space in the market for a clean, easy to use, well formatted website to really push holistic businesses (of which there are SO many in the UK) and to inform and educate visitors to the website too.

I'm passionate about all things holistic and feel that it is an area of industry that is going to see some huge growth in both number of therapists and also a more widespread acceptance and greater understanding over the next few years and I'm excited about being part of this period of awakening.

Would you agree that more and more people are turning to holistic therapies to find ways to naturally ease stress, cure illness and generally live happier and healthier lives?

Then perhaps you'd also agree that the more we can educate people about the sheer number of amazing therapies and services there are out there the better the world will function and the happier and healthier people will be? I very much want to be instrumental in making this happen.

And then of course there are the holistic businesses themselves. I am a practitioner myself and I have many friends who also offer a mix of products and services and many of them say the same thing, and perhaps you've heard it too? That they love what they do and they'd love to focus their energy on that, rather than have to worry about promoting their business.

Mention 'social media' and you get a mixed reaction too - some who are using it to great effect and others on there but it feels like their wading through mud trying to understand it and get it working for them.

So I felt that I wanted to help. Design, printing and marketing is in my blood, I love social media and the power it has to help businesses and am more than happy to help others whenever possible, so a large part of our marketing strategy is our presence on social media and also how we can help our business Members on there. By actively posting about our Members and also posting events and articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks we can spread the word for our Members without them having to lift a finger. Even better we can work with Members who are active users to share their information and generate increased awareness of their business.

Whether you're into computers or not our reason for being here is to help you get your business found online and promote you to the best of our ability. We're here to help and we're just a call or email away.

What got you into the holistic world?

Well I just sort of fell into it, as many do. I've always had an interest in holistic things, probably thanks to my mum who was always using essential oils and getting us out in the country as a child. I really started getting more interested after my daughter was born and it's just grown since then as each year I add more tools to my holistic toolbox. The more I learn the more I want to learn. I'm just like a sponge at the moment wanting to read, learn and experience as much as I can. Each of the various skills I've learned over the years has helped me feel more balanced a as person and as I grow and learn I am helping others in their journeys too. There's still so much to learn in this great big world of ours so why not get out there and experience as much of it as we can.

What's your favourite therapy to receive?

It's got to be massage for pure relaxation. A warm, darkened room, soothing music and an hour of being pampered. You know it's a good massage when you catch yourself snoring near the end! Bliss!

What's your favourite fruit?

In season locally picked strawberries

What's your favourite song for:

Relaxation - I love Ludovico Einaudi, Enya, Deva Premal and lots of other soothing music
Getting you in the mood for a party - Waka Waka (Shakira), The Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga), Everybody Dance Now!
Exercise - I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas), Lose Yourself (Eminem), Eye of the Tiger (of course!)

What was your favourite cartoon as a child?

Wow! So many to choose from. I'd have to go with She-Ra or the Thundercats... or maybe the Care Bears ;)

What is your goal for The Holistic Directory?

Well there's no point in having small goals and I certainly think big when it comes to the directory. I want us to be the biggest and the best source of holistic information in the UK including business details, holistic articles, holistic events and so much more - we have lots of plans for the upcoming months and years so watch this space!

Holistic Experience & Qualifications:

The Balance Procedure Level 1 (2013)
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1 (2012)
Reiki Level 1 (2012)
Certified NLP Practitioner (2011)
ABNLP Certified Practitioner
Fully insured with Holistic Services Insurance
Diamond Dowsing - 1 Day Dowsing Workshop with Marie Diamond (2011)
Life & Death - 3 Day Shamanic Workshop with Chris Luttechau (2012)
Shamanic Healing - 3 Day Basic Introduction with Manda Scott (2009)
Shamanic Healing - 5 Day Advanced Healing Workshop with Manda Scott (2010)

Business Experience:

Media8 Printing & Design (2003-Now)

Graphic design and print services to businesses of all shapes and sizes for branding and printing including business cards, fliers, posters, leaflets, brochures and so much more. Plus online promotion in the form of websites and graphics for use online on social media, blogs etc.

Guided Media (2009-2013)

Printed publications including town guides and programmes for events. We also designed and ran an online directory of places to eat in Norfolk until we sold the business March 2013.

The Holistic Directory (2012-Now)

This website was launched in March 2012 and we have many many plans for its growth over the upcoming years.

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