Ruby Paterson

HD Membership Guru
Tel: 01273 950010

So why did you want to work with The Holistic Directory?

I had been in discussions with Sophie from the beginning and absolutely loved the concept, I could tell straight away this would not be just a directory with a business listing but so much more. The editorials were engaging and the passion and enthusiasm from the driving force is infectious. I have worked in a sales and marketing arena for most of my working life and now I get to do what I am good at in a area I feel excited about with wonderful clients and a truly great team.

What got you into the holistic world?

Mmm good question, not sure when I really started looking further into all things holistic but I do remember reading a book by Shirley Mclaine called “Out on a limb” about 20 years ago and from that moment I was really interested in understanding all things metaphysical. I avoid going to the doctors if I can although of course they have their place but essentially there are an abundance of amazing therapies out there to assist us on our healing journey. I had a natural birth with my daughter and when she was born she had an infection in her belly button from where the cord had been cut , the doctors insisted she would need antibiotics and being a new mum I listened to what they had to say, after her treatment she was still poorly and they said she would need another course, this was not what I wanted to hear and I intuited the best healing for my daughter at this time would be homeopathy. She was treated for a little birth trauma and a tincture placed directly onto the tummy button. Within a day she seemed like a different baby and we have continued with alternative treatments ever since.

What's your favourite therapy to receive?

Where to begin.....I love reiki, massage & crystals the most but the list is endless and new things coming along all the time.

What's your favourite fruit?

I love avocado and could have it with everything, loving blood red oranges at the moment as well.

What's your favourite song for:

Relaxation - Pure by Shimshai
Getting you in the mood for a party - Candi Statton Young Hearts
Exercise - Anything rock, love the Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam

What was your favourite cartoon as a child? 

Tom & Jerry :-)

What is your goal for The Holistic Directory?

To help as many therapists as possible market their services and ensure The Holistic Directory is a household name.

Holistic Experience & Qualifications

I am trained in Angelic Reiki and am due to take a massage course this Easter.

I would also like to learn more about crystal healing as I find them fascinating

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