If you don't know your "Acupuncture" from your "Acupressure" or your "Dowsing" from your "Downward Dog" then our site The Holistic Directory / Journal has just what you need.

We showcase an abundance of therapists, coaches, products & services who can help you on your path to healthy living. 

 Amongst our pages you will discover quality content delivered from industry experts:

A directory of therapists at your fingertips

 - Product Reviews/ Retreats & Spa's

 - Monthly Astrological Insights

-  Special Offers & Event Listings so you do not miss out on what's coming up

-  Inspiring true stories from our readers.


We have a growing community within our social networks of people just like you who are seeking inspiration and desire the tools for transformation to living their best life. 


Look forward to seeing you on the inside, 

Love, Ruby x

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